We use these as cover images for social platforms or as a banner where relevant.

Branding covers

Logo on gradient

This is our most commonly used gradient.

OG image

This version is the correct sizing for an OG image on social media platforms.

Design system covers


This is a very nice looking cover representing our design system. Although a cool graphic to show, note how busy the image is, so bear in mind when using this.


This cover has two screens, the booking page and event types settings, next to each other. It's a very good cover to use in publications.

Product covers

We have a bunch of really nice product featured area covers that look great.

Event types

App Store

Marketing site

And more...

I won't add all of them in here, but check out the Figma document for more of these.


To download these in a high-quality version, get them from the Marketing Figma document's highlights page, as well as the "Social covers" page. You can right click on any cover and copy it as an SVG or PNG, or go to the export tab on the right.

Make sure you're hovering over the name of the cover in the top left, like this:

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